Remember Saturday

Some videos i worked on for the debut album by Biggles Flys Again.

A little earlier this year Conor a.k.a ‘Biggles’ contacted me to discuss the possibility of making some videos for his debut album ‘Remember Saturday’. Upon meeting we discovered we had lots of reference points in common; we’d grown up liking the same bands, films and music videos. Listening to an advance copy of the album I could sense a set of themes: nostalgia and reminiscence, sardonic humour, a distinctly analogue feel and overall lightness of touch running throughout the lyrics, production and artwork.


The first project was an overall promotional trailer for the album. Normally these promo videos simply feature a pack shot of the sleeve and some close up stills of the artist. I was sure Conor could find a more captivating set of objects to feature and, lo and behold, one afternoon he arrived with a an old battered suitcase full of artifacts connected to the record: notes, scrapbooks, old tapes, paintings… somewhere in there a copy of the album and probably some magic beans. There was nothing not worth using so I decided to throw it all in the mix, even the suitcase… and the video basically made itself.

We then got to work on a music video for the track ‘Chambers’. Script, costumes and locations planned we were halfway through a second day of shooting when a prop fail, camera hardware fault and some unpredictable weather conditions forced a rethink. With a deadline closing in it became clear that the fairly ambitious video we had planned for Chambers wouldn’t be ready in time for the album’s release and everything changed, at the drop of a mirror.

With Chambers shelved, we discussed whether there was alternative track i could make a video for in time. One of my favorites from the album Old Pop Song had a retro-futuristic feel, the vintage synths brought to mind 8-bit graphics and mid 80’s cassette-based video games. The idea i had tied in with the themes of memories, nostalgia, analogue… and cruicially wouldn’t require any locations, equipment or actors. Much like the promo, once the idea formed, the video came together very quickly.


The album went on to get notable plaudits and even hit the Top 3!

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