A music video I made for the debut single by Anderson.
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I’ve spent alot of time working with the musician and songwriter Daniel Anderson who’s been in relative hibernation since his previous group disbanded in 2010. Since then, Daniel has written and recorded more music than ever and it’s been interesting to watch his working process up close, to see these songs evolve and this new musical project come to fruition.

The pursuit of an artistic life incorporates many often competing or contradictory aspects, and it is these patterns of contrasting emotions that forms the subject matter of this song. My approach to the video was to be as honest and direct as the song, so I documented the recording and re-recording of the track over a long stretch of time. I was keen not to make it just a performance video though, so I intercut the studio footage with exterior scenes in an attempt to illustrate similar patterns of euphoria/sorrow/mundanity that can be found externally, in domestic routines and the natural environment.


I shot a lot of footage for this, probably enough for a feature length documentary so it was a hell of an edit and I ended up with several options for each lyric, chord change, piano part. Bringing in a split-screen not only got me around a few editing headaches but also worked in the context of the subject matter, I think. One of the most challenging videos i’ve worked on, but watching it all slowly fall into place was a joy.

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